History Wall | The history and origins of the Regiment

The History Wall shows the history and origins of The Royal Anglian Regiment, from its formation in 1964, back through the East Anglian

Regiments and even further back through its antecedent Regiments.  Click the button to the right to see the Regimental Family Tree.


The Royal Anglian Regiment


The Royal Anglian Regiment was formed in 1964 from the three Regiments of the East Anglian Brigade and The Royal Leicestershire Regiment. These four Regular Battalions were later joined by three TA Battalions; the 5th (V) Battalion in 1967 and the 6th and 7th in 1971. Much has changed since then and the Regiment now comprises two Regular battalions (1st and 2nd) and one Army Reserve battalion (3rd).


East Anglian Regiments


The East Anglian Regiments were formed between 1958 and 1960 by the amalgamations of the nine County Regiments (the Former Regiments) of East Anglia as part of the reduction in the size of the Army following the ending of National Service.  The East Anglian Regiments served variously in Berlin, BAOR (Germany), Northern Ireland, Malaya and British Guiana. In 1964 the three East Anglian Regiments were joined by The Royal Leicestershire Regiment to form The Royal Anglian Regiment.

Right picture: 3rd East Anglian Regiment on patrol, Malaya.



Antecedent Regiments


Click the tabs below to see details of the antecedent regiments from which The Royal Anglian Regiment traces its history:

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