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On the left is a scene from one of the 1960's deployments to Aden. The Regiment has served in a variety of locations worldwide to protect British interests, ranging from 2-6 months emergency operational deployments to up to 9 years in Germany. These deployments include garrison, counter terrorist and peacekeeping duties both with and without families. On the right is a scene from Northern Ireland. The Regiment has served there 29 times.

The Regiment  served in Northern Ireland 29 times

United Nations


Peacekeeping under the United Nations, or in conjunction with forces of other nations, may be a role for the Regiment in the future. In addition to Battalions’ UN tours in Cyprus and Bosnia, individuals have served on UN operations in Lebanon, Namibia, Cambodia, Western Sahara, Iraq/Kuwait and Mozambique and on other peacekeeping deployments, not with the UN, in Oman (Dhofar), Mauritius, Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and Sinai.


The Regiment today maintains the high reputation of its predecessors



The Regiment today maintains the high reputation of its predecessors with recent operations in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and Iraq. Tours since 1964 include:


Aden and Radfan (5 times), Afghanistan (4), Bahrain, Belize (2), Berlin (2), Bosnia (2), Cyprus (6), Falkland Islands, Germany (8), Gibraltar (3), Iraq (3), Kuwait, Libya, Malta, Northern Ireland (29) and Sierra Leone.


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